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Displaycases designed for beauty and... conservation

28/03/2017 - 09:00 tot 29/03/2017 - 17:00

Display cases, if well designed, can help reduce the risks of damage for objects on display (e.g. from light, climate, theft and vandalism). On the other hand, a not well-thought out design that is not adapted for the object that need to be shown within the case, can cause a lot of unintended damage!

For designers, the look and feel is as important, because they provide the opportunity to highlight particular objects and to tell a story. Due to the varying functions display cases may have to fulfill, many questions still persist about museum case design for designers, conservators and museum professionals.

This workshop, organized by KIK-IRPA, will cover the theory and practice and aims to shed a light on all the issues that need to be taken in consideration. Without losing track of the fact that over-specification leads to more complex and expensive showcases, so defining your needs well is a win-win for all!

During the workshop you will not only look into the specifications for new display cases, but also at retrofitting existing one’s (however old they may be). You will learn about sustainability. What materials are good to use, or not. How tight is tight enough and can a display case be to tight? How do you calculate the air exchange rates needed in a specific situation? What are advantages and disadvantages for creating a micro-environment within the case, rather that controlling humidity and pollutants at the room level…  What about lighting technology, humidity buffers, scavengers and how big of a deal is the type of object that will be shown within the case? And after you’ve determined all this, how to communicate it to the firm who will build the case…

… During the workshop, you will receive answers to all of these questions and many more… The goal is, that at the end of these two days, you will know how to make informed decisions on designing display cases as well as how to assess risks to collections from existing cases.

So don’t miss this, be quick and register now!

Who is it for

Exhibition designers, exhibition managers, conservators and other interested museum professionals.


Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, Jubelpark 1, 1000 Brussels (Belgium)
The workshop is organized in collaboration with the Royal Military Museum, the practical sessions will take place there. 

Number of participants



278 euro

How to register

Please complete the attached registration form and send it back via email to sandra.derwa@kikirpa.be

                The subject of your email needs to be – REGISTRATION WORKSHOP DISPLAYCASES.

The 20 first people that apply will be accepted, the following applicants will be placed on the waiting list.

Take note: the registration is only valid after we have received your payment.

A detailed program and timetable will follow at a later date.